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Canadians Coming Out To Oshkosh To Celebrate RCAF’s 100th

AirVenture to Display a Full Roster of Northern Aircraft The Royal Canadian Air Force is celebrating its 100th anniversary at AirVenture Oshkosh 2024, bringing out the whole kit and kaboodle of the Canadian performing fleet. That means they’ll have the headlining Snowbirds, equipped with their CT-114 Tutors (a license built Cessna T-37 Tweet), riding along with their CF-18 Demo squadron and a rare appearance from their WWII bomber, the Avro Lancaster mark ten. It’s a nice chance for fans of the neighbors up north to see their best work, since the teams are coming out in force for the Canadian Air Force centennial. A new livery will be displayed by one of their CF-188 Hornets across the US, UK, and Canada under ‘Operation INSPIRATION 2024’.

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