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Tragedy at Beja Air Show as pilot collides with teammate during display: video 

A pilot for the Yakstars aerobatic display team has been killed at the Beja Air Show in Portugal after colliding with a teammate while flying in formation.  

The tragedy occurred on June 2, 2024, in front of thousands of spectators attending the air show which is organized by the Portuguese Air Force and held at Air Base No. 11 in Beja.  

In footage captured of the incident six Yakovlev Yak-52 can be seen flying in tight formation before one of the aircraft appears to collide with another aircraft.  

As white smoke streams from the Yak-52, the pilot appeared to temporarily regain control before climbing steeply and then rapidly descending towards the ground. 

As distressed spectators look on, the aircraft crashes, followed by a large explosion.  

The other Yakovlev Yak-52 involved in the collision escaped safely and initiated an emergency landing.  

The Portuguese Air Force said the collision took place at 16:05 local time during an aerial demonstration by the Iberian Yakstars comprised of Portuguese and Spanish pilots. 

The deceased pilot was confirmed as a Spanish national who is understood to have lived in Sigüeiro in Spain.  

“It is with an enormous feeling of regret and consternation that the Air Force offers its greatest condolences to the family, friends and acquaintances, being deeply in solidarity at this time of loss,” the Portuguese Air Force said in a statement. 

Two Yakovlev Yak-52 aircraft of the Spanish-Portuguese Yakstars formation team collided during the Beja Air Show, Portugal.
One aircraft crashed, killing the pilot.

— Aviation Safety Network (ASN) (@AviationSafety) June 2, 2024

The other pilot involved in the incident was taken to Beja Hospital due to suffering a slight injury and confirmed to be a Portuguese national.  

The Portuguese Air Force added that the deceased pilot crashed outside the air base’s perimeter, but there were no injuries on the ground.  

The Office for the Prevention and Investigation of Aircraft Accidents and Railway Accidents (GPIAAF) said that an investigation into the crash had already begun, and a team is already present at the air base.  

Following the accident, the Beja Air Show was closed.  

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