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Seaplane Collides with Boat During Takeoff

Video Shows Effect of Broadsiding a Boat While Accelerating to Takeoff Speed A well-filmed clip began circulating over the weekend, showing a Harbour Air seaplane as it began its takeoff roll and collided with a boat. The aircraft was operating under Harbour Air, a seaplane operator in Vancouver, Canada. The firm is a common sight there, with a handful of single-engine, high-wing turboprops tethered to the dock in between a constant stream of revenue flights. Thankfully, there were no fatalities reported, between the 5 passengers on the aircraft and 4 on the boat. Some light injuries were reported, but were treated quickly since the collision was such an attention-grabbing affair. EMS was able to reach the scene in seconds, with occupants of both vehicles removed prior to either one’s sinking.

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