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Part 141 Students Left Abandoned After Accident Befalls Owner

“Sorry Kid, You’re Last in Line for a Refund” Students of Atlantis Aviation Flight school are apparently either out the total sum of their prepaid flight training, or waiting on probate to get on with their careers, after the owners of the school died in a plane crash last March. The owners’ lawyer, Samantha Fitzgerald, had no good news for the students, noting that they fall a lot further back in the queue of payments to be made. “It’s an extremely tragic and unfortunate situation. Since the flight school owners are all dead, the estate has to go through the legal process, and creditors are paid in a certain order. In this case, there are bank loans that are secured creditors and unfortunately, they are in a priority position over the students. It’s an unfortunate situation, but the law must be adhered to.”

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