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Mesa Invests in TriFan 600

The Project Looks Promising Enough for Procurement Already, but the Order isn’t Firm Yet XTI Aerospace announced that Mesa Airlines has placed an investment-cum-order into their company with an order for 100 TriFan 600 aircraft, a design they call a “fixed-wing, vertical lift crossover airplane” (VLCA) now in development. Should all the stipulations be met, the order could hit a value of $1 billion in revenue for XTI Aerospace. Along with the order, Mesa Airlines has become an investor with warrants and a minority stake in common stock shares. It’s more or less a first for the smaller air carrier, who’s calling the shot before the crack of the bat: The VLCA should be a winner. Jonathan Ornstein, chairman and chief executive officer of Mesa Air Group, said the aircraft is most like the “legendary King Air reimagined,” offering the ability to use helipads and veritports along with traditional airports.

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