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Does Simming Make a Better Student Pilot?

Flight Sim Association Studies the Age-Old Question The Flight Simulation Association completed a survey of pilots and air traffic controllers across the country, looking to quantify the exact impact of home-based flight simulation on their resulting training. While it’s long been said that flight simming is more harm than good, cementing bad habits and inflating egos in a phase that can’t handle too much of either. That’s been pushed back on in younger generations, however, as flight simulation became more advanced, and physical control setups came down in price. The Association found that for Private Pilot students, those who used the flight sim saved about 5.5 hours of training time – not too shabby when Skyhawk time seems to settle around $150 an hour across the country. Throughout their training, the survey found that active flight sim enthusiasts got their certificate almost 20 hours faster than the national average.

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