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DJI Continues Ops Near Mt Everest

Deliveries Could be Key to Cleanup Around Base Camps DJI has shown off some of its mountaineering prowess again, making the first delivery tests on Mount Everest for some serious bragging rights. The company joined hands with Nepalese drone specialist Airlift to complete their trials, making use of the infamously brutal climate in order to show off its FlyCart 30. The little drone is able to haul 33 lbs of payload at a time even at altitude near the mountain. The FlyCart was able to haul a trio of oxygen bottles and 1.5 kilos of other supplies from the Everest Base Camp at 5,300 feet, all the way up to Camp 1 at 6,000 feet. The trip marks a first for the industry, being the first time drones were able to brave the harsh environment to make a successful out-and-back delivery run.

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