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24-year old attempts and fails to fly to Canada disguised as senior citizen

A 24-year old passenger has been caught by officials at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL) attempting to board a flight to Canada while impersonating a much older man.

The man, identified as Guru Sewak Singh, was detained by India’s Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) on June 18, 2024, after his odd appearance caught the attention of officials. 

On trying to board an Air Canada flight, Singh presented a passport under the name and identity of Rashvindar Singh Sahota, aged 67.

Despite being in possession of the passport, with his hair dyed white and wearing glasses, officials noticed that Singh’s skin texture and voice did not match that of a senior citizen.

A 24-year-old Guru Sewak Singh was caught at the Delhi airport by CISF attempting to leave for Canada disguised as a 67-year-old Rashvindar Singh Sahota

But why has he done this?😭

— Āryā_Anvikṣā 🪷 (@Arya_Anviksha_) June 20, 2024

A 24-year-old man, disguised as a 67-year-old, was nabbed by the CISF at Delhi’s IGI Airport trying to board an Air Canada flight.

Guru Sewak Singh, posing as Rashvindar Singh Sahota, thought white hair and glasses would fool everyone. Spoiler: it didn’t. 😋

His youthful looks…

— Kumar Manish (@kumarmanish9) June 19, 2024

A CISF statement seen by media outlet India Today read: “The man’s appearance, voice and skin texture seemed significantly younger than the details provided in the passport. Closer observation revealed that he had dyed his hair and beard white and was wearing glasses to appear older.” 

Upon interrogation by CISF officials, Singh eventually disclosed his real identity, and officials found his actual documents, revealing his true age.

Singh was then handed over to Delhi Police for legal action.

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