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United Airlines A320 wheel gets stuck in muddy grass at Edmonton airport: video

The wheel of a United Airlines A320 aircraft became stuck in muddy grass after the vehicle rolled off the tarmac while taxiing at Edmonton International Airport (YEG).

The incident occurred on May 7, 2024 when flight UA 2308 arrived in Edmonton from Denver International Airport (DEN). 

Edmonton Airport told Canadian news outlet Global News that the aircraft, which was carrying 165 passengers and five crew members, saw its back wheel become stuck “just off the maneuvering area while taxiing into YEG airport”.

The airport spokesperson said that Edmonton had been experiencing some rainfall and that the A320 was ‘disabled’.

United Airlines then offloaded the passengers and crew, who were transported to the terminal by bus. 

A passenger on the flight posted video footage on social media X (formerly Twitter), saying they had been stuck inside the plane for 45 minutes.

@united flight 2308 from Denver to Edmonton has slid off the taxiway in Edmonton. We’ve been stuck here for 45 minute so far, waiting to see how we are getting off the plane. This is a first for me…

— TheMissingLink5 (@MissingLink5_) May 7, 2024

— TheMissingLink5 (@MissingLink5_) May 7, 2024

A subsequent video post by the same passenger was taken from inside the bus transporting the travelers to the terminal. The footage shows the aircraft’s wheels stuck deep in the grassy area of the runway. 

The airport declared that operations were not affected, as the aircraft did not block any operational part of the runway. 

As of writing, it is still unknown whether the aircraft has been moved to a different part of the airport.

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