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SAIB Issued on A Number of Lake Aircraft (REVO) Airframes

Lake Amphibian Club (LAC) Received Approximately 27 Reports Of Cracks In The Wing Rear Spar Web The FAA has issued a Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin (SAIB) that alerts all owners, operators, maintenance technicians, and inspectors of Revo Incorporated Model Colonial C-1, Colonial C-2, Lake LA-4, Lake LA-4A, Lake LA-4P, Lake LA-4-200, Lake Model 250 (including those modified in accordance with Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) SA469NE) and Lake 270 Turbo Renegade (Model 250 with STC AS469NE as noted in TCDS 1A13 Note 8) aircraft to potential cracks in the wing rear attach beam assembly and hole-quality issues that have been identified in a significant number of aircraft.

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