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Onerous Hawaiian Insurance Bill Snuffed Out Before it Hatched

Despite Somewhat Realistic Beginnings, State Committee Reaches Too Far, Faceplants A state bill that would have required air tour operators in Hawaii to hold liability insurance over $20 million per person, per incident did not stick the landing, to the collective release of pilots in the area. Hawaii State Senate Bill 2747 was introduced by State Senator Chris Lee, D-25, with the requirement being $1 million in liability coverage per person, per incident. That didn’t last long, though, since a Senate Committee on Transportation and Culture and the Arts removed the price requirement and punted the bill over to the House Committee on Consumer Protection & Commerce (CPC) for review. They were supposed to check the language and find a more workable liability coverage amount for both the state and the industry at large, given their “expertise” in insurance limits in similar areas.

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