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KLM relaxes pilot and crew uniform with introduction of airline-branded sneakers

In a bid to relax its uniform and contribute to employee well-being the Dutch airline KLM has given the go-ahead for pilots and cabin crew to wear sneakers.  

The updated uniform follows a successful trial held over the last year where staff responded positively to the change during feedback.  

KLM confirmed that from May 6, 2024, staff will be allowed to “wear sneakers under their uniform” to help promote comfort during work and support well-being.  

Pilots and cabin crew members will be able to choose between sporting their own sneakers (which must meet certain requirements) or purchasing the specially developed KLM sneaker designed by Filling Pieces. 

#KLM To Allow Tennis Shoes With Uniform

Starting May 6, KLM is allowing its staff to wear sneakers with their uniforms for the first time in the airline’s 104-year history. This change is meant to offer more comfort during work hours and boost employee well-being.#aviation

— A Fly Guy’s Crew Lounge (@AFlyGuyTravels) April 27, 2024

“In the past year, I have been able to test sneakers as a sustainable part of my uniform. After years of the classic look of pumps, I now wear sneakers with great pleasure! They give me a good start towards a good flight,” Willeke van den Boomgaard, Senior Purser at KLM, said. 

No doubt once KLM passengers see the stylish footwear for themselves during flights, they will be keen to get their own feet on a pair.  

“By allowing sneakers, KLM is responding to the demand for more comfortable work shoes. Some colleagues who wear pumps would like an alternative. Wearing sneakers under a uniform is becoming more common among airlines and is in line with current times,” a spokesperson for the airline said. 

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