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Dash 7 to See magniX Electrification

NASA Demo Program Starts Doing the Legwork on Electrified Commuter Planes Indian regional carrier Air Tindi has promised one of its De Havilland Dash 7 aircraft for use under the magniX electric powertrain program, where it will be used as a testbed to establish the feasibility of their magni650 engine in a real-world environment. The news follows magniX’s successful completion of their 1st phase of testing in the NASA Electric Aircraft Testbed facility in Sandusky, Ohio. Testing there focused on assessing its power us, 800-volt operations, and thermal performance using their magni650 engine at altitudes up to 27,500 feet. The company snagged a $74.3 million contract in 2021, assisting with NASA’s testing facility as a corporate partner.

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