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B737 engine severely damaged by bird strike in Kyrgyzstan

An Avia Traffic Company Kyrgyzstan Boeing 737 aircraft suffered engine damage after a collision with a bird while climbing out of Bishkek (FRU) in Kyrgyzstan.

The incident occurred on May 4, 2024, when the Avia Traffic Company Kyrgyzstan Boeing 737-300 aircraft, registered as EX-37020, was performing domestic flight K9-117 between Bishkek (FRU) and Osh (OSS) on behalf of Tez Jet Airlines.

Based on data from, the aircraft departed from FRU airport at 11:47 a.m. (UTC) with an expected arrival at the destination airport approximately 45 minutes later.

However, as the aircraft climbed and reached an altitude of 5000 feet, the flight crew reported a bird strike on the right-hand engine, along with a burning odor in the cabin.

The aircraft immediately returned for a safe landing and touched down in Bishkek around 20 minutes after departure.

The bird strike caused substantial damage to the engine, resulting in severe damage to all its fan blades. According to the flight record, on May 5, the plane was still on the ground.

Fortunately, no injuries or further incidents were reported.

The Avia Air Traffic Company along with all other airlines based in Kyrgyzstan is on the List of air carriers banned in the European Union for failing to meet EU regulatory oversight standards.

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