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WestJet buys first Canadian-supplied sustainable aviation fuel by Shell Aviation

Canadian airline WestJet announced that it has acquired the first sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) supplied in Canada by Shell Aviation. 

The airline said the purchase marks a milestone in its mission to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, and is a step forward in making Canada’s aviation industry more sustainable.

Angela Avery, WestJet Group Executive Vice President and Chief People, Corporate and Sustainability Officer, emphasized WestJet’s pioneering role in advancements such as winglets and drag reduction, and highlighted the airline’s pride in being the first to acquire SAF from Shell in Canada. 

“Thanks to Shell’s world-class fuel supply chain and WestJet’s proven track record in sustainability, this first step sets the stage for future collaboration and innovation to encourage investments in this important lever for decarbonization,” Avery said in a statement.

According to WestJet, SAF acquired from Shell Aviation is blended with conventional jet fuel to meet all certification and safety requirements, while requiring no new investments in aircraft engines, fuel infrastructure or distribution processes.

“We are delighted to supply WestJet with SAF, as we continue to support our customers on their decarbonization journeys, while simultaneously building out the supply chain in Canada to enable more customers to access SAF,” said Christine Bassitt, General Manager, Shell Aviation, Americas. 

To supply WestJet with SAF, Shell Aviation uses a program called Avelia, one of the world’s first blockchain-powered digital SAF book-and-claim solutions for air travel. Avelia uses blockchain to provide clear and transparent tracking of the environmental attributes of SAF delivered into the aviation fueling network. 

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