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Van’s Aircraft Files Chapter 11 Reorganization Plan

Reorgonaization Plan Will Be Sent To Customers and Creditors Van’s Aircraft filed its Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization with the Federal Bankruptcy Court on a Friday, March 29, 2024. This step is essential for the company’s financial recovery. The process will be complete after the court sets hearing dates and the judge signs a certificate approving the plan. Then, the plan will be mailed to the same approximately 40,000 people notified when Van’s filed for bankruptcy. These individuals, who have claims against the company, will receive ballots to vote on the plan. Votes will be collected by Van’s attorneys, tallied, and the results reported to the bankruptcy court. Customers who made deposits on orders before the bankruptcy and chose not to renew their orders will have their claims classified as Priority and/or Unsecured claims.

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