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Ultra-Prop II: Revolutionizing Aviation with Cutting-Edge Technology

Refined Propeller Builds on a Classic to Offer a Lightweight, Affordable Performer Sun ‘n Fun is, as ever, the perfect start to a spring full of flight, as everyone brings their A-game to dominate headlines in the sport aviation scene. The newest contender for best-of-show is Ultraprops and their Ultra-Prop II, a new, lightweight design aimed at ultralights and experimentals.Building on the original Ultra-Prop from the 80s, Ultra-Prop (the company) had plenty of know-how to work with. The original design was limited to 4 blades at most, but now builds up to 6 blades cover a range of high-power applications. The new prop sports an improved pitch block and hub design, allowing them to pack a more efficient, longer blade.

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