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Sightseeing helicopter crashes in Mexico City, three dead

A private helicopter crashed near Mexico City around 17.30 local time on April 14, 2024, killing the pilot and two passengers. 

According to local media, it appeared that the helicopter experienced engine trouble before crashing next to a bus repair workshop. No casualties were reported on the ground, although some buildings suffered minor damage. 

Eyewitnesses explained that the helicopter executed some maneuvers moments before the impact to avoid crashing into a public market. 

🚨 #ÚltimaHora 🚨| Reportan caída de helicóptero en Avenida Aztecas, alcaldía Coyoacá

— El Sol de México (@elsolde_mexico) April 14, 2024

Footage and images shared by bystanders on social media show what is allegedly the helicopter involved in the crash moments before the accident as well as, shortly after, smoke rising from the area of the impact in the municipality of Coyoacán, just south of the Mexican capital. 

#Breaking Se reporta la caída de un helicóptero Bell 206JR III con matrícula XB-PIP operado por Helidom, sobre un taller mecánico ubicado en Av. Del Imán y Av. Aztecas al sur de la Ciudad de #México. De acuerdo a reportes, ya se encuentran equipos de emergencia en el lugar del…

— EnElAire (@Enel_Aire) April 15, 2024

The helicopter involved in the accident was a Bell 206B and since 2022 it had been operated by a company called Let’s Fly, which offers sightseeing flights in and around Mexico City. 

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