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Piper Raises Eyebrows with Possible Diesel-Burning Seminole

Legendary Trainer Twin Could Get Even more Affordable, Profitable Piper Aircraft announced a study with DeltaHawk Engines to evaluate the ease, utility, and popularity of bolting the latter’s Jet-A powered, STC diesel engine to the ever popular trainer. While many were abuzz with the possibility of a Diamond DA-42 competitor right out the gate, Piper has only signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the engine manufacturer – an actual, factory-produced aircraft isn’t in the cards just yet. The bean counters have to give their approval, the flight testers have to grant their blessing, and the market researchers have to prove there’s enough of a market for a diesel twin in order to start cutting it into production. Nevertheless, it should prove plenty popular, a piston-engine twin that happily slurps down Jet-A instead of 100 Low-Lead.

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