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NTSB Issues Final Report on 2022 Camarillo Mooney M20K Accident

Mooney M20K Fatal Accident; Pilot Loses Control in IMC The NTB has concluded its investigation into an accident involving a Mooney M20K aircraft that resulted in the death of the pilot. The crash occurred on June 10, 2022, shortly after takeoff from an airport in Camarillo, California. The aircraft was destroyed upon impact after the pilot lost control during flight. The NTSB’s final report attributes the probable cause of the accident to the pilot’s spatial disorientation and subsequent loss of control of the aircraft after entering IMC. These conditions were characterized by low visibility, mist, and cloud tops ranging from 400 to 1,600 feet. On the day of the accident, the instrument-rated pilot, who was unfamiliar with the airport, planned a flight to his home base. Despite the challenging weather conditions, which were communicated during a pre-flight briefing, the pilot filed an IFR flight plan, requesting VFR-on-top. After a routine engine run-up and takeoff, the pilot likely entered the clouds but failed to establish contact with the departure controller as instructed.

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