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Nolinor Aviation counters industry pilot shortages with pay rises for captains

Canadian charter airline Nolinor Aviation has announced a new pay scale for its pilots at the airline as it looks at ways to counter pilot shortages in the aviation industry. 

Nolinor Aviation announced on April 9, 2024, that the new pay scale features a salary increase from 25% to 40% placing the starting salary of a new Boeing 737 captain at $175,000 (US$129,000) with a progression to over $250,000 (US$184,000) at the highest level.   

The initiative is complemented by an increase in rest days and a future review of the salary scale for first officers. 

“At Nolinor, we are proud of the exceptional skills and dedication of our pilots. Their ability to operate in extreme conditions, be it on gravel runways or frozen lakes, demands recognition commensurate with their expertise. This salary review is an investment in our most valuable asset, our employees, and reflects our determination to remain the preferred choice for aviation talent,” Nolinor Aviation President Marco Prud’Homme said.  

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— Nolinor Aviation (@nolinoraviation) April 4, 2024

Nolinor added that a shortage of pilots in aviation has been “compounded by regulatory challenges and the after-effects of the pandemic” but through an investment in its pilots the airline is “setting itself apart with a bold initiative aimed at valuing and retaining talent”. 

Nolinor Aviation is based close to Montréal in Québec, Canada, and operates a fleet consisting of Boeing 737-200s, 737-300s, 747-400s and 737-800s. 

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