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Naha Air Base evacuates F-15 fighter jets amid tsunami alert in Japan

In response to a recent tsunami warning, Japan’s Naha Air Base, located in the southern region of Okinawa Island, took swift action to protect its assets, including several F-15J fighter jets. The precautionary measures were taken following an earthquake alert that raised concerns about potential coastal hazards. 

On April 3, 2024, Naha Air Base, which is home to the Japan Air Self-Defense Force’s 9th Air Wing, initiated an evacuation order and relocated its F-15J fighter jets and other equipment to higher ground. The goal was to minimize potential damage and ensure the safety of valuable assets. 

“After the tsunami warning on April 3rd, Naha base quickly confirmed the damage situation in the Sakishima area while also evacuating F-15 fighter jets and vehicles to higher elevations in order to protect the equipment,” Naha base said in a statement on X (formerly Twitter). “We always strive to maintain our equipment in order to deal with unforeseen situations while defending the southwest region.” 

The base shared images of the aircraft that had been towed away from coastal areas onto its central road. The Mitsubishi F-15J, a homegrown version of the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle, is the JASDF’s main interceptor. 



— 航空自衛隊那覇基地 (@Naha_AirBase) April 5, 2024

Most powerful earthquake to hit Taiwan in a quarter-century

The next day, on April 4, 2024, across the East China Sea, a 7.2-magnitude earthquake hit the eastern coast of Taiwan, triggering repercussions across the region. In total, nine people were killed, and more than 1000 were reported injured.  

The earthquake, the most powerful to hit Taiwan in a quarter-century, caused structural damage to infrastructure, including Taoyuan International Airport (TPE), and widespread flight cancellations to and from Taiwan. Hualien Air Force Base, home to the Taiwan Air Force’s 5th Tactical Composite Wing, reported minor damage to six F-16 fighter jets due to collisions during the seismic event. 

In Japan, Naha Airport (OKA), which shares its runway with Naha Air Base, was temporarily closed and major carriers such as Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways issued advisories to passengers, warning of potential disruptions to flight schedules. 

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