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Howard DGA6 ‘Mister Mulligan’ a Vestige of the Best of Aviation

Aviation’s Golden Age Epitomized by “Mr. Mulligan” In the annals of aviation history, the Golden Age stands out as a period of rapid innovation, daring feats, and a public enamored with the romance of flight. It was an era that saw the likes of Charles Lindbergh capture the world’s imagination with his solo transatlantic flight to Paris. Commercial aircraft, with their three engines, hummed through the skies at a leisurely pace of 90 miles per hour, while military planes pushed the envelope, inching toward the 200-mph mark. Air racing emerged as the heart of this age, drawing crowds that rivaled today’s NASCAR events. The National Air Races in Cleveland were a spectacle, attracting over 80,000 spectators, with countless more huddled around radios, hanging on every twist and turn of the aerial ballet. These races were more than mere entertainment; they were the crucibles of technological advancement.

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