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Foreflight Announces New Turbulence Map Layer

Add-On Crowdsources Turbulence Data From Users, Free with Performance Plus, Pro Plus Plans ForeFlight has published a new feature showing live, automated turbulence information constantly updated with crowdsourced data. The feature should help those in lighter aircraft avoid and survive particularly turbulent weather conditions, though any pilot looking to provide a smoother ride for passengers will enjoy it too. As is often the case with nifty ForeFlight additions, the Reported Turbulence function will be available as an add-on for some ForeFlight plans. The Reported Turbulence (Low) grants access to turbulence reports below 14,000 feet, with an add-on for Reported Turbulence (All) that removes that altitude instruction. Those operating a Sentry or Sentry Plus device can get a 50% discount on the (All) layer by registering with the program. For those subscribed to the ForeFlight plans of Prop Plus and Performance Plus will see the feature included by default.

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