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Euro LSA Competition Heated Up at AERO 2024

Aura Aero Inks Deal for INTEGRAL E to Norwegian Sporting Group Norges Luftsportforbund chose Aura Aero’s little 2-seater in electric trim for their next glider tow aircraft. The INTEGRAL E takes the low-wing, tricycle gear, bubble canopy design of the usual tandem-seat LSA design and replaces an assortment of piston engines with Safran’s ENGINeUS electric power plant. The ‘E’ model should offer some of the best of both worlds, the easy and simple maintenance of an electric motor with the affordable refueling costs of plugging ‘er into an outlet. Aura Aero says the Integral E should be good for about 60 minutes of flight time at a stretch, with a sub-30 minute recharging time.

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