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Disabled Woman Has Transformative Experience Learning to Fly From Home

Disabled Londoner Learns to Fly At Home Through Aerobility Yvonne, a 56-year-old disabled woman from London, has found a new lease on life after learning to fly from home using Aerobility’s Virtual Aviation Experience (VAE). Living with disabilities that significantly affect her mobility, speech, and emotional well-being, Yvonne’s journey began after suffering a stroke in 2021, which left her with severe impairments. Aerobility, a UK charity dedicated to changing lives by offering access to the magic of flight to anyone with any disability, has provided Yvonne with a transformative experience through its free VAE course. Funded by the UK Government and powered by GeoFS, an accessible web-based flight simulator, the VAE course opens up the world of aviation to individuals who may have previously thought it unattainable.

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