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Bombardier signals new beginnings with brand identity and logo transformation 

Bombardier has unveiled a new brand identity and logo signaling a new beginning for the aviation giant, while celebrating its “deeply rooted heritage”. 

The transformation was launched on April 24, 2024, with an overhaul of the company’s website and social media channels and the introduction of a new logo dubbed the ‘Bombardier Mach’. 

Bombardier said its new brand identity will “reinforce and propel the company’s unique approach to its customers and stakeholders—putting people at the center and instilling a one-of-a-kind sense of family”. 

The most dramatic change is undoubtably the logo which will feature on everything and anything from business cards to employees’ clothes to Bombardier display jets. 


The ‘BOMBARDIER’ typeface synonymous with the company for many years has gone and been replaced with a new multifaceted logo and softer lettering.  

The Bombardier Mach features the silhouette of an aircraft breaking the sound barrier in homage to the moment this was achieved by the company during development of the Global 8000 private jet. 

The strokes of wind over an aircraft seen on the logo reference the company’s deeply rooted heritage and the Learjet brand’s storied winglet iconography.   


“This evolved brand is a catalyst for Bombardier to differentiate itself as a global leader, not just amongst aerospace and defense peers, but proudly with the world’s leading inspirational brands,” said Ève Laurier, Vice President, Communications, Marketing and Public Affairs at Bombardier. “Our brand has been crafted to coherently tie notions of our heritage and precision-driven engineering. The brand describes our future, in which we will express a heightened sophistication of our technology, how our employees master their craft and, above all, the customer experience.”    

Laurier added: “Bombardier’s new impactful logo echoes the pride and passion we all have for our industry and will further be supported by a suite of evocative imagery featuring Bombardier’s own team members at the peak of their respective craft.” 

Bombardier said the new brand identity is designed to reflect the reflect the company’s “passionate and talented teams” who “set the standard” when it comes to delivering the jets and service to their clients around the world.   

[1/3] Today, we proudly unveiled our new brand identity anchored by the evolution of #Bombardier’s logo.

This is the start of a new chapter for us, which celebrates our successful transformation over the past five years.

— Bombardier (@Bombardier) April 24, 2024

The transformation was presented to staff at a special event and according to Bombardier the response has been “stellar”. 

“Today is a historic moment for more than 18,000 incredibly talented and passionate Bombardier team members. Our iconic company is looking forward with confidence and an innovative spirit, two notions captured elegantly in our new logo and brand evolution,” Éric Martel, President and CEO at Bombardier, said. “Our clients worldwide are leaders who shape the world and who expect us to deliver a truly memorable experience. When asking them what sets Bombardier apart, the notion of ‘like family’ comes back time and again as a true differentiator.”    

The new brand identity and logo comes the year before the eagerly awaited Bombardier Global 8000 is set to enter service.  

The Bombardier Global 8000 has already established itself as the fastest private jet on the planet. 

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