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Airmate Hits 250,000-User Mark

Situational Awareness and Flight Planning Application Picking Up Speed in App Market Airmate celebrated a milestone of reaching a quarter-million registered users of its application at AERO 2024, heading to Friedrichshafen with good news in tow. Airmate is an EFB app, like so many others, but it manages to maintain a blessedly grassroots feel. It offers most of the same EFB accouterments one expects from the breed, like charting, mapping, flight planning, and situational awareness while in-air. Perhaps where it really shines is that it breaks from the pack of requiring hundreds of dollars a year just to maintain basic functionality – Airmate prides itself on being the “first fully free EFB,” providing their services as a safety enhancer and trusting in the goodwill of its userbase to keep them afloat.

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