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WWII Giants Unable to Meet Sun ‘n Fun Dates

B-29 Fifi and B-24 Diamond Lil Need Some More Hangar Attention Ahead of Show In an update to those looking forward to the upcoming 2024 Sun ‘n Fun exhibition, some bad news will rain on the parade a bit. The Commemorative Air Force, their stewards and caretakers, found a few more items they need to address to keep the birds airworthy in the midst of their regular winter maintenance. Unfortunately, both the CAF AirPower History Tour B-29 Superfortress”FiFi” and the B-24 Liberator “Diamond Lil” need to be grounded for a time in order to keep them in continued airworthy condition. It’s a natural outcome of aircraft with the better part of a century under their belt – they need some long-discontinued parts and very niche know-how to keep them in a fine fettle.

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