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USCG Taps for Avionics Training

Operators Going Back to Master the Basics Gary Reeves of has been making the rounds in Texas, setting up back to back training courses with the US Coast Guard and Houston Police Department. Reeves brought his compendium of advanced avionics know-how to the USCG first, helping them gain a deeper understanding of the capabilities and flows of their nifty new glass panels, before hopping on to a 3-day ‘Mastery, Not Minimums’ clinic with the PD. Reeves has been flying for 20 years in the fray of GA operations, with more than 8,500 hours of real IFR soup time in his book. As such, he’s picked up all the ins and outs of the average GA instrument panel, whether that’s a Garmin, Bendix King, Avidyne, or even Foreflight.

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