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NATA Chapped at Biden Tax Proposals

5x Increase in Jet Fuel Tax Pops Eyeballs at NATA The NATA (National Air Transportation Association) is unhappy with some of the general aviation tax provisions published in the White House’s FY2025 Budget — as they should be. The group put out a statement regarding President Biden’s budget plans, pointing out the beneficial effects of general aviation on the economic landscape. The most distressing aspect of the change would be an increase to the jet fuel tax, which would add up to a 500% increase over a 5-year ramp-up span. Looking back, NATA even checked on a similar change in the past, when a tax shift removed billions of dollars from the Airport and Airways Trust Fund to the Highway Trust Fund. Even one small change ultimately carved away billions of dollars from airfield upkeep and improvement across the country since that change went into power – a fivefold increase in gas tax would be far more destabilizing to the funding.

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