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Head of Safety Promotion at EASA: regulation and risk in the digital era

Technological advancements, drones, eVTOLs and Urban Air Mobility (UAM) innovations are fast approaching certification and integration into existing aviation systems and airspaces. This new technology allows us to rethink the way we travel, but also requires us to rethink approaches to risk management and safety. 

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is responsible for the certification, regulation, and standardization of civil aviation safety standards in the European Union (EU). Its purpose is to oversee aviation safety and ensure regulatory compliance across EU member states.   

As well as working to promote international cooperation, environmental protection in civil aviation and developing common aviation safety rules, the agency also works closely with national aviation authorities, regulatory bodies outside of the EU and industry stakeholders to promote global aviation safety standards and harmonize regulatory practices.  

John Franklin, Head of Safety Promotion at EASA, joined the agency in 2011 and has been widely involved in contributing to the establishment, operation and promotion of some of the agency’s safety practices. His role also sees him supporting the needs of the European Plan for Aviation Safety (EPAS), which is a pivotal component of the European Commission’s strategic vision for aviation safety. The plan outlines the strategic priorities for aviation safety and environmental protection, the primary safety risks, and other issues affecting the European aviation safety system. 

AeroTime sat down with Franklin to discuss the agency’s safety promotion actions for 2024, establishing new ground handling rules and regulatory frameworks, and common misconceptions about aviation safety. 

He also shared insights into EPAS and how the agency is contending with technological change in the industry.   

Watch the interview.   

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