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FAA Publishes 2023 Testing Trends

High Demand for DPEs to Continue Into Forseeable Future The FAA’s 2023 stats regarding the pass rate of knowledge and practical tests have been published, granting a nice little window into the state of the industry at the ground level. Takeaways this year: The industry is smaller than one would expect, with less than 807,000 pilots of all stripes. Flight instructors come in at a fraction of that, with 131,577 of them active. Instrument-rated pilots only amount to 332,313 instrument ratings in total, just a little bit less than the total number of remote pilots in the country. Those who crunch the numbers see some highs and lows in terms of pass rates, but the overall takeaway: DPE’s will have to take on about twice the workload they did a decade prior.

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