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Czech Manufacturer Shows off 1-gram Remote ID Module

“BS” Module Offers Even Lighter, Cheaper Compliance Dronetag announced a new offering among their portfolio of Remote ID broadcast modules, the ‘Basic Solution’. The ‘BS’, as the Czechs unfortunately abbreviate it, tips the scales at a nigh invisible 0.035 ounces, or a single gram, making it the “tiniest and lightest remote ID solution on the current market”. The module can be had as a standalone purchase for $85 or in a combined pack with enclosure, battery, charger, and antenna for 99 bucks, though they say that’s more of a limited-time introductory price. Knowing their American audience, at least, Dronetag says that the upgrade to the full package comes in “at the price of a single BigMac menu”, proving that Euro manufacturers really can measure things in a way we can understand.

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