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Coast Guard Plucks Patient from Cruise Ship

Surprisingly, an Oasis-Class Ship Doesn’t Host a Landing Pad The US Coast Guard deployed one of their MH-60T Jayhawk helicopters to pluck a stroke patient from the Royal Caribbean International ship Symphony of the Seas, bringing the 57-year-old to medical services ashore. The operation went nice and slick, thanks to a daytime flight in calm seas, but acts as a useful reminder of the wide gamut of services provided by the USCG. The Oasis-class cruise ship radioed ahead to request a medical evacuation, citing a US citizen with stroke symptoms aboard. For ischemic attacks, time is invaluable when minimizing long-term symptoms, but despite its size, the Symphony of the Seas isn’t equipped with the necessary clot-busting pharmacopeia. The only solution is rapid transport to better-equipped services ashore, and the Jayhawk crews are always happy to oblige (because it beats sitting in quarters waiting for a call, most likely).

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