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CHP Grounds Helo Over Bee’s Nest

Californian Bee Colony Hangs Out in Highway Patrol Aircraft The California Highway Patrol recently had to pause operations using their Airbus AS350 helicopter when they found a live beehive colonizing the nose section. Being good environmental stewards, or simply recognizing the vital use for bees in the local agricultural economy. Local almond farms rely heavily on the proliferation of the tiny pollinators, so the CHP Coastal Division’s Air Operations Team from Paso Robles called in some outside expertise to give the bees a free move. Suzi Hulsmann met the team at the local airport with all her kit in tow. She vacuumed out the majority of the worker drones, hoovering up 3 pounds of bees with a specialized system. That enabled her to keep most of them penned up for transit. He said the bees were “totally agreeable”, easily allowing her to scoop up and cage the queen bee.

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