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Alaska Airlines aircraft maintenance staff secure new contract in split vote

Alaska Airlines aircraft maintenance staff have agreed to new contract terms including an increase in pay and “quality of life improvements”.

After 12 months of negotiations between Alaska Airlines and the Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association (AMFA), nearly 90% of represented employees voted on the proposed deal.

Maintenance technicians, maintenance controllers and other employees who support aircraft maintenance all voted, with 55% supporting the five-year contract.

“The expertise, professionalism and dedication of our aircraft technicians is unmatched,” Alaska Airlines CEO Ben Minicucci, said. “I’m proud to have them working under a new contract just four months after their previous contract was amendable. This contract reflects the critical contributions of our technicians, improves their quality of life, and reinforces Alaska’s foundation for long-term success.”

Effective from the previous contract’s amendable date, namely October 17, 2023, the new contract will see a “top-of-scale rate of $65.85, which includes a two-license premium increase to $8.00, $.60 longevity and maximum longevity increase to $1.50 for 25+ years of service”.

The agreement will also introduce quality of life improvements to schedules, in order to “reduce life disruptions and incorporates seniority for shift times to recognize length of service”.

There will also be increases in retirement contributions and caps to health care costs.

“This agreement not only includes justifiable increases in pay, benefits, and quality of life, it gives our members a framework for fulfilling their careers with Alaska Airlines,” said Bret Oestreich, AMFA National President.

He added: “Thanks to our negotiating committee, we were able to secure protections in headcount and work rules, as well as job security for work performed by our members for decades.”

Since 2022, Alaska Airlines has ratified seven contracts across six represented groups.

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