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United States Parachute Association Issues Clarion Call

Group Aims to Strike “Air Tour and Sport Parachuting Safety Act” from FAA Reauth The United States Parachute Association is asking members to act on proposed Congressional action on the upcoming FAA Reauthorization, specifically the section titled the “Air Tour and Sport Parachuting Safety Act”. They aren’t the only ones. Earlier this month a bevy of general aviation manufacturers and interest groups signed a letter opposing a section of the FAA Reauthorization bill, warning of the dangers it poses to small aviation businesses across the country. With the FAA’s current Authorization ending on March 8th, the House and Senate will soon convene a Conference Committee to reconcile both their respective drafts of the renewal bill. As such, the Parachute Association, EAA, and others urge aviators as a whole to make their voices heard and draw attention to their “deep concerns” regarding the Air Tour and Sport Parachuting Safety Act.

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