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SkyView HDX Autopilot Approved for Beechcraft Baron 58

Baroneers Add One More Panel Option to the Collection Dynon’s SkyView HDX is now available for Beechcraft Baron 58 and 58As, offering a cost-effective upgrade and 3-axis autopilot system. The system is capable of flying instrument approaches when combined with a compatible IFR nav device, which altogether packs quite a bit of capability into a flight deck. When added to an existing SkyView HDX, the 3-axis autopilot lists at $11,192 for the hardware, modules, servo harnesses, and brackets. Additional niceties like the Autopilot Control Panel and Knob Control Panel are extra. The former allows for a panel of A/P controls for about $664, with the latter granting the kind of fine controls enjoyed by fastidious operators like altitude, heading, and altimeter settings.

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