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NTSB Surmises Mooney Pilot Died After Landing

March 2022 Taxiing Crash Ruled Result of Spontaneous Heart Attack The National Transportation Safety Board published a final report regarding an accident that occurred in March of 2022 involving a Mooney M20E. The narrative describes an unfortunate-in-some-ways but less-so in others instance where a pilot managed to bring his aircraft in for a successful landing, only to finally give up the ghost when safely on the ground. “After a local flight, the airplane landed, and a witness saw the airplane taxi over a grass- covered area and then onto the ramp at a higher-than-normal speed. The airplane struck a parked airplane, and the left wing became wedged underneath the empennage of the parked airplane.” Responders found the pilot shortly after the commotion was noted, where they “discovered that the pilot was slumped over the flight controls and unresponsive.

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