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Classic Aero-TV: AEA?s Paula Derks – Closing Out an Amazing Era?

From 2018 (YouTube Version): Aero-TV: AEA’s Paula Derks – Closing Out an Amazing Era… Each year at the Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) convention and trade show, Aero-TV is granted unprecedented access to Paula Derks, the President and CEO of the organization. This year, Derks spoke with Aero-News Network Editor-in-Chief and CEO, Jim Campbell, about the future of the avionics industry and what AEA is doing to strengthen that future. Derks said one of the things the AEA is doing to brighten the future of the industry is the AEA Technology Incubator, set for August 16, 2018. The incubator is designed to demystify the path forward, for startups, to producing parts for certified aircraft with a focus on producing these parts under the FAA oversight.

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