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‘But, It Ain’t Broke…’ General Aviation Takes Aim at Senate’s Section 315

‘Air Tour and Sport Parachuting Safety’ Act an Economic Gut Punch, Say Stakeholders A group of GA-related stakeholders addressed proposed Senate regulations that would have “significant and insurmountable” impacts on small operators around the country. The group includes a wide variety of big industry names related to general aviation, parachuting, and warbird operations, each throwing their weight behind a letter urging lawmakers to reconsider regs surrounding parachute use and air tours. “We write to highlight our concerns that, as currently drafted, Section 315 entitled Air Tour and Sport Parachuting Safety of the Senate’s FAA Reauthorization Act of 2023 (S. 1939) will, if enacted, have significant and insurmountable direct impacts on thousands of small general aviation businesses and the airports at which they operate,” the letter reads.

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