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Cirrus launches next generation SR Series G7 packed with smart new avionics

Planemaker Cirrus has launched its newest single-engine piston aircraft in the SR Series, complete with upgraded avionics and a plush new interior.  

To date, Cirrus has delivered nearly 10,000 aircraft in the SR series. Its newest edition, the G7, is next to take to the skies following the SR20, SR22, SR22T variants.  

On January 11, 2024, Cirrus officially launched the G7, which includes new touchscreen interfaces, large high-resolution displays, advanced safety systems, improved visibility, increased legroom, enhanced convenience features and the Cirrus IQ mobile app. 

The new touchscreen-controlled flight deck has been designed to reduce the pilot’s workload, while at the same time offering “enhanced situational awareness for both pilot and passenger”.   

Cirrus Aircraft

“Our mission is to increase participation in aviation so more people can benefit from the freedom, productivity and joy it provides,” Zean Nielsen, Chief Executive Officer of Cirrus Aircraft, said. “Our aircraft are truly designed with people in mind and the new SR Series G7 is a testament to that philosophy.”   

According to Cirrus, the ‘Perspective Touch+’ flight deck powered by Garmin comes with 12” (or optional 14”) high-resolution displays, enabling a more intuitive flight deck experience. 

Also of note is a new push button start ignition, plus an intelligent automatic fuel selector system which switches between tanks every five gallons. 

The G7 also features a limited-edition aesthetic package as well as five new exterior and premium interior aesthetic options. 

In terms of safety, the G7 is fitted with an aircraft parachute system and a ‘Stick Shaker’ for enhanced low-speed situational awareness, whereby pilots are alerted through a vibration in the yoke to warn them of an imminent stall. 

A new Cirrus IQ mobile app can check for key aircraft readiness items – maintenance, technical publications, trip achievements, real-time status of fuel and oxygen levels, aircraft location, flight hours and more. 

“Over the years, Cirrus Aircraft has continuously advanced its product lines while ensuring quality, performance and safety are paramount,” Pat Waddick, President of Innovation and Operations of Cirrus Aircraft, said. “The SR Series G7 adds new avionics and autonomous interfaces coupled with all-new styling and comfort. It is the culmination of seamless collaboration between customer, innovation and operations to develop an aircraft with technological and generational advancements that make flying truly exceptional for all.” 

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