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American Airlines regional carrier Envoy adds 19 Embraer jets to its order book

American Airlines’ regional carrier Envoy has announced a new order for 19 Embraer aircraft with the first deliveries expected to start in 2024.  

The order, confirmed on January 3, 2024, includes eight Embraer E-175s and 11 E-170 aircraft, and adds to an already busy 2023 purchasing 22 E-Jets.  

In March 2023, Envoy ordered six E1-75s, followed by seven E1-75s and five E-170s in June 2023 and then in October 2023 a further four E-175s were added to the list.  

With the newly announced order the American Airlines subsidiary‘s total fleet commitment stands at 169 aircraft made up of 126 E-175s and 43 E-170s. 

“This measured, sustainable success is a direct outcome of Envoy’s commitment to safety, quality and cost,” Envoy President and CEO, Pedro Fábregas, said. “These three principles are central to everything that we do, and enable us to provide safe, high-performing, and cost-effective regional service for the thousands of customers we serve each day, for American Airlines Group and its shareholders, and for more than 19,700 Envoy employees in the Pacific, North America, the Bahamas and the Caribbean.” 

With its headquarters in Irving, Texas, Envoy operates around 800 flights a day to over 160 destinations.  

The airline is currently looking to recruit new pilots with a $100,000 incentive and a guaranteed pathway to eventually fly with American Airlines.  

In January 2024, Envoy announced it was extending the offer until March 2024.  

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